Choosing the Best Rowing Clothing

August 24, 2017

Choosing the Best Rowing Clothing

Choosing the right clothing can not only keep you comfortable, it can actually help you row better. Here are a few tips from the experts on the right clothes to wear for a row out on the water.


Stay Away From Loose Items

Rowers don't just wear spandex to show off, we wear tight clothing because baggy material can become caught in the boat's equipment. In fact, snug clothing can assist one's range of motion, while loose clothing often restrict movements. Form-fitting garments are just as important on your lower half as they are on your top half. On a hot day, spandex shorts and a form fitting tank are an easy go-to, and when the weather cools down, moisture wicking leggings are a great choice with a snug long sleeve and windbreaker.


No Cotton

Cotton becomes heavy when wet. When you're out on the water, sweat, splash, and rain can soak your clothing. The last thing you want is your clothing weighing you down, keeping you cold, and locking in moisture. That's why snug, synthetic poly-spandex athletic gear is a great choice for rowers. Even after you're out of the water and are cooling down, we build cotton-feel performance-knit sweats that continue to keep you warm and dry all afternoon.


Layer, layer layer. 

The best way to keep warm is to wear multiple layers. Out on the water can be 10 degrees cooler than on land, so layering is essential to keep you dry and warm. As the weather becomes even cooler, adding a close fitting waterproof windbreaker over a long sleeve and fleece can make all the difference.


Wear a hat.

No matter what the weather brings, a hat protects your face from sun damage and can help you see better on the water. A baseball cap or visor will do just fine in keep the sun out of your eyes. Choosing an synthetic based athletic cap will help wick sweat and keep your head dry. An adjustable cap is best to keep it tight to your head, because you won't be able to reach up for it while you're rowing if it starts to fall off.


Down to the toes

While most rowing boats or shells have built-in shoes, athletic shoes with gripped to wear on the dock are essential for safety. Again, don't wear cotton even on your feet. Thick, padded wool socks will be best to protect your feet and keep them dry. Wear rubber water shoes if you have to wade into the water to get into the shell. We recommend carrying socks to change into once you're in place. 


At Wild Oar, our rowing clothing is built on fit, function, and performance. All of our gear is constructed to give you full range of motion, fabric that will wick moisture and keep you dry, and added function with stash pockets and compression where you need it. Don't compromise, Wild Oar rowing gear is custom built for you.