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Our founders, husband and wife team Jonathan and Kellen Maloney, built Wild Oar out of a passion for providing premium and unique, custom technical and leisure wear for competitive athletes. Partnered with MIT & NASA engineers to study and build the future of rowing technical gear, we've had our beginnings, but the most exciting technical advances are yet to come.


With a family owned and operated factory in an American Park in El Salvador, we are dedicated to socially responsible manufacturing and management practices. The factory is fully equipped with an on site medical clinic that sees 60,000+ patients a year, a pharmacy, and offers competitive maternity benefits. Beyond healthcare, our factory offers free English lessons and houses a child development daycare as well as contributes to the community around us by participating in developing roads and bridges, building flood relief channels, and donating construction materials.


Wild Oar’s sustainability advancements are at the cutting edge, utilizing sublimation to save up to 2,700 liters of water for each garment manufactured. It is our goal to become the first industrial park in Central American to be 100% solar powered by 2020. By installing 8,000 rooftop solar panels, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation.


Our high end fabrics boast high moisture-wick properties, UPF 50+ values and technical construction for every day training and travel gear. These primarily Blue Sign certified fabrics built in the USA & Central America are the best performance textiles in the industry.


Wild Oar is delighted to partner with another family run business, JL Racing. Working together our two families believe we can bring the best performance and technical training gear to the market, with a focus on sustainability, unique art for customers, and high quality fabrics. JL Racing and Wild Oar met in 2017, and immediately realized that our values were aligned and we could offer an even greater value to our customers by joining forces.


At Wild Oar, we believe rowers are starving for the next generation of technology. With our team of biomechanics experts, we have built the first generation of a sensor network that can visualize and analyze human joint motion both on and off the water. Fit Tech Wearables is working with beta testers to collect and refine data, and help rowers correct form and prevent injury. Find out more about Fit Tech Wearables Here.